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Solomon May NOT Be

the Right Place for You

You see, Solomon Energy Advisors is not your typical corporation. 


Chances are, if you have ever worked for another company, you will find Solomon unusual to say the least. After all, we believe:

  • This is your company.  Act like an owner and you will be compensated like an owner ... and more.

  • You should always ask forgiveness, not permission. After all, if you can't make decisions on your own, what are you here for?

  • That companies are built around people, not the other way around. If you want to run your business from Timbuktu, be our guest.

  • That from your first day on the job you should speak up and challenge the way we do things. That we don't know everything and are willing to learn… from you and other committed team members.

  • That customers and our team members come first… and bureaucracy comes last.

  • That good business begins with the Customer Golden Rule: Do to our customers what we would have done for us. That if we are good to our customers, they will be good to us.

  • That no matter how young you are or how new to the job, you can make more money than the head of Solomon Energy Advisors … and she wants you to do it!

  • That you are entitled to know how you are doing and how the company is doing.   That you can talk to anybody whenever you want. And that nobody is more important than you and other committed members of our team:  Not the management team, the board of directors, or the shareholders.

If you like our philosophy, then we want you. 


If you are smart and want to build a business, then we want you.


If you want to change the world and provide value to for profit and non-profit energy consumers, then we want you.

We are always hiring, looking for good people.  If we have listed positions below it is because we have current needs to fill.  Even if you do not see a position suitable for you now, let us know of your interest. Maybe we can create a job around your skills and talents.

STILL want to join us?  Let us know of your interest.  Write to us at  Or call us at 203 202 9788.

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