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LEDs:  Capture Immediate Savings

Got bulbs?

Does your business still have costly, inefficient incandescent or compact florescent light bulbs?  If so, you owe it to yourself -- and your bottom line -- to explore the IMMEDIATE savings available from LEDs: Bulbs with Light Emitting Diodes that use electronics to generate light.

How much can I save?

Think of it this way.  If you replaced a 100 watt bulb with an LED with the same lighting power, your electricity usage would drop to 10 watts.  In other words, the cost of lighting that bulb would go down by 90%

In addition to lower electricity usage, an average LED is warrantied to last for 50,000 hours.  By contrast, an average incandescent bulb will last 1,000 hours and an average compact fluorescent bulb 30,000 hours.

Oh, and the cost of the LEDs?  The cost has dropped sharply over the past couple years to about $15 per 100 watt LED bulb vs $4 per 100 watt incandescent bulb.

Suppose you are a tenant and not a building owner?

Even if you are a tenant you may still want to purchase LEDs.  Your decision will depend on the length of your lease.  If you plan to stay in your space for at least three years you will probably want to investigate the cost savings from LEDs. 

What other benefits are available with LEDs?

Because light is generated electronically and not through heat, LEDs are cool and not hot to the touch. As a result, the cost of cooling spaces lit by LEDs is less than incandescent or CFLs.

LEDs come in many different colors that can create the environment that a business seeks:  For example, warm lighting for galleries, cold lighting for large warehouse spaces.

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