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Electricity is a big business


The electrical utility business is one of the largest in North America, accounting for over $450 billion in annual expenditures by consumers in the United States and Canada.  Businesses use electricity in their buildings or offices for lighting, heating, cooking or manufacturing.


In the U.S. and Canada over 200 suppliers deliver electricity to over 40 million US and Canadian businesses.  In most states and provinces these suppliers compete with the local utilities and each other, offering customers different prices and products.


Businesses must choose a supplier and choose a supply product.  Usually they make the choices themselves.  Sometimes they buy from aggressive sales people representing suppliers.  Or they go online to find suppliers and products.

Unfortunately, many businesses are not satisfied with their choices.  Sometimes their supply contracts don't protect them from higher prices.  Sometimes their suppliers sign them up for teaser rates and then increase their rates when they're not looking.  

Want to learn about the choices businesses must make?  And then why many businesses are dissatisfied and how you can help them?  Click here.

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